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Intercoastal Sales and Management has been offering chemical solutions for over 20 years. ISM specializes in the distribution of pigments and dyes for paint, plastics, inks, chemical and specialty markets. Products include both rutile and anatase titanium dioxide, and organic pigments and dyes.

ISM warehouses products in several locations in the United States for prompt delivery. We offer technical service, logistics, and professional sales.

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Synthesia, formerly known as Ostacolor, is located in Pardubice, Czech Republic and is a diversified chemical company specializing in organic chemistry. The business unit for pigments and dyes produces a wide range of high quality organic pigments, dyes and optical brighteners.

ISM is the distributor of Synthesia pigments and dyes in North America. Click here to access a list of all the products available from Synthesia: synthesia.eu/eng

ISM is the exclusive distributor of Titanium Dioxide produced by Precheza in the Czech Republic. Click here to access a list of all the products available at Precheza: precheza.cz/en

Rutile Grades

R200M Rutile pigment for paper, road markings, plastics and products not requiring finest dispersion. NSF approved for use in PVC pipe.
RGX Low treated hydrophobic pigment for general plastics with neutral undertone.
RGU Universal type pigment for general coatings.
RG18 Higher surface treated pigment for better dispersibility, higher whiteness and better opacity in coatings ngs.
RGZW Zirconium treated pigment for best weather resistance and highest gloss in coating.
RGLP Paper laminate grade with good light fastness.

Anatase Grades

AV01SF Untreated anatase grade for use in paper, rubber, chemical and indoor coatings.
AV01FG High purity anatase for use in food and pharmaceuticals. Meets European and US requirements for direct use in food and USP.
ISM-F320 Fiber grade. For delustering of polyester fibers.

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